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An entire digital library of resources to help you plan for, bring home, and care for your goats!



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Raise goats better, right from the start!

Discover the digital library of tools designed to help you bring your first goats home and care for them with confidence right from the start!

Don't just want goats- make it happen!

This digital library of videos and resources will take you from wishing for goats to making your goat raising goal a reality!

  • Includes the Preparing for Goats Mini-Course- to help walk you through choosing your goats to brining them home.

  • Plus a Goat Health Mini-Course to ensure you know how to prevent, diagnose, and treat problems that come your way.

  • And you get the New Goat Owner's Guide to Feeding Goats- because a properly fed goat is a healthy goat.

  • Finally the Homestead Goal Planner will help you get all those big goals (like raising goats!) out of your head and into a plan- so you actually make them happen!

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that your blog and downloadable guides have been a LIFESAVER to me as I have been starting out on my own little plot. I just got started with goats and literally could not have done it without you.

Kelly M.

Do you want to raise goats, but still feel unprepared for the task? I can help!

Imagine being able to...

    • Know exactly what you need to get and what do before bringing your goats home.

    • Feel confident that you are ready to care for your goats correctly- and handle problems that come your way.

    • Feel excited (instead of overwhelmed) when it comes to preparing for, caring for, and feeding your goats. 

    • Have a basic knowledge of goat health and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat common illnesses.

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful goat videos.  I just got my 1st 3 goats a few months ago.  I did quite a bit of research online, reading books & even talking to other goat owners in my area.  But your videos are awesome!  Wish I had found them sooner. 

    Tracy M.

    Hey there, I'm Sarah!

    I've been raising goats for over a decade now. And teaching about goats since 2013.


    I know what it's like to dream about raising goats- but also know how overwhelming learning to raise them can be.


    That's where the New Goat Owners Toolbox comes in! With this system you can feel confident to bring your goats home and care for them correctly- right from the start!

    The tools you need to confidently care for your new goats

    Here's a look at the 4 digital resources included in this toolbox...

    Getting Ready for Goats Mini-Course

    Make owning goats a reality! This 5-lesson mini-course will walk you through everything you need know before bringing goats home. 

    Including how to choose your goats, prepare your goat yard, supplies and more!

    Goat Health Mini-Course

    Goat health can feel overwhelming. This mini-course will give you the basics you need to feel confident when it comes to diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses in your goats. 

    New Goat Owner's Guide to Feeding Goats

    Not sure how to feed your goats correctly? This guide will walk you through their nutritional needs and how to feed things like grains, hay, minerals. Plus you'll get recipes for things like goat milk replacer and homemade electrolytes!

    The Homestead Goal Planner

    If you need help turning your BIG goals into actionable and achievable parts, the Homestead Goal Planner is for you! I'll help you prioritize and break down your goals so you can make progress towards making them happen!


    Thank you for the information you share. As beginner in raising goats this information is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

    Ann A.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's included with the New Goat Owners Toolbox?

    The New Goat Owners Toolbox is jam packed with tools and resources to help you get started with raising goats and care for them confidently.


    It includes four goat raising resources—the Getting Ready for Goats mini-course, The Goat Health mini-course, the New Goat Owner's Guide to Feeding Goats, and the Homestead Goal Planner—which are a $60 value if bought separately!

    What will I learn?

    The New Goat Owners Toolbox will help you:

    • Choose the exact goats that fit your needs and how to find the breeder/seller that can meet those needs. 

    • Feel comfortable with caring for your goats as well as identifying, diagnosing, and treating problems that come your way. 

    • Learn how to feed your goats correctly- which keeps them healthier!

    • Take your big goals and break them down into actionable steps so you can achieve more when it comes to building your homestead!

    Is this a book?

    It's not just a book, it's a full digital library of tools and resources to help you get started with raising goats. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally through an online portal. 

    How soon after purchasing will I receive my toolbox?

    You should receive access (almost) immediately! Your toolbox will be delivered digitally via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 10-15 minutes of your purchase. 


    If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam or promotions folders, and if you still don't see it, please contact me at sarah@thefreerangelife.com.


    Please double check your email address is typed in correctly at checkout so your purchase can be delivered.

    How do I know the New Goat Owners Toolbox is right for me?

    The New Goat Owners Toolbox is for anyone who's ready to add goats to their farm or homestead.  It's also for you if you are brand new to raising goats and still feel unsure of what you should be doing for them.  Whether you're uncertain of how to choose the perfect goat for you or scared about how to care for goats correctly, this toolbox will help you feel confident you're doing it right. 


    The practical tips and actionable steps are applicable whether you are just starting your goat research or have already put down a deposit for your first goats. 

    Is this toolbox really worth the cost?

    In a word...yes! The New Goat Owners Toolbox includes more than $60 in resources, but as part of this special offer you can grab it for only $29.  And it's designed especially for new goat owners and tackles the biggest problems they face.  

    What if I already own one of the resources in the toolbox? Do I get a discount?

    Because this toolbox is already being offered at a significant discount for this special limited time offer, there are no additional discounts available. 

    It's a lot of resources- where should I begin?

    I know having access to so many resources at one can be a little overwhelming. I recommend starting with the area you need the most help with. 


    If you are still trying to figure out all the logistics of adding goats to your life, the Homestead Goal Planner will help you map out that goal. 


    If you are trying to decide on a breed or build your goat yard, start with the Getting Ready for Goats course.


    Feeling scared and unsure about goat care and health? Start with the Goat Health course. 

    What is your return policy?

    I am confident you will love the New Goat Owners Toolbox, but if for any reason you aren't satisfied there is a 7-day happiness guarantee. 

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