Want a done-for-you garden planning system that helps you grow & preserve more without having to think about anything?

Think about it. How much more could you grow if you had a plan that told you exactly when & how much to plant? With just a touch of a button, Gardening Magic will tell you:


  • The exact dates to start your seeds indoors and plant out your crops based on your last frost date.

  • All of your successive planting dates- so you can have continuous harvests all season long

  • How much of each crop to plant based on your exact needs and family size.


The digital gardening calculator & tracker designed to help you maximize your gardening efforts

Imagine being able to...

    • Calculate exactly how much to grow based on your family's food needs instead of taking a wild guess.

    • Create a clear, detailed calendar for your gardening season that includes all your seed starting, planting out, and successive planting dates at the touch of a button.

    • Feel excited (instead of overwhelmed) when gardening season comes because you have a plan in place to use the harvest!

    • Track all of your harvest and preservation efforts so you can see where you need to adjust for the next year.

    Do you dream of a big garden and harvest but need a few time-saving shortcuts?

    The Gardening Magic System will shave hours off your garden planning and tracking time. Here's what's included:

    • The Food Needs & Crop Yield Calculators, which help you calculate the exact number of each crop you need to plant to meet your family food needs. 

    • The Planting Date Calculator, which allows you  automatically calculate all of your seed starting, planting, and succession planting dates- just put your frost dates in and you're done!

    • The Harvest Log Tracker, so you can keep track of all of your daily, monthly, and yearly harvests and know where you need to improve next year.

    • The Preservation Tracker, which allows you to keep track of all of  your preservation efforts from season to season- and see where you need to adjust. 

    • Detailed instructional videos explaining how to use all of the tools, so you can get started right away!

    Hey there, I'm Sarah!

    I've been gardening my entire life- from helping my parents as a kid to tending my own homestead as an adult.


    I know what it's like to dream about producing all of your own food and I know exactly how time-consuming planning and tracking your garden can be.


    That's where the Gardening Magic System comes in. With this system you can make all the plans & calculations in seconds- and track your progress so you can achieve your gardening dreams!  

    The tools every busy gardener needs to streamline their garden planning & tracking

    Here's how the Gardening Magic System works:

    STEP 1: Assess Your Food Needs

    Use the planning worksheets & video to work backwards and calculate how much you need to grow and preserve this year based on your family's needs.

    STEP 2: Calculate Your Quantities & Dates

    Use the calculators to figure out how many of each crop you need and the planting dates for the entire season- from seed starting to your fall garden!

    STEP 3: Track Your Results

    Use the tracking sheets to track your harvest & preservation so you can see how close you are to meeting your goals- and where you need to pivot next year!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's included with the Gardening Magic System?

    The Gardening Magic System is jam-packed with calculators, planners, and other tools to help you quickly plan out your garden- and then track your efforts.


    It includes a Food Needs Worksheet to help you estimate how much you want to preserve this year, a Crop Quantity Calculator, a Planting Date Calculator, and Harvest and Preservation Trackers. All calculators are available in 3 different formats.


    Also included are instructional videos on how to use all of the tools.

    What will I learn?

    The Gardening Magic Planner & Tracker will help you:

    • Calculate exactly how much food you want to preserve- and how many plants you need to get there!

    • Plan your entire garden season calendar at the touch of a button- just enter your frost dates!

    • Keep track of how much you harvest year after year- so you can improve and increase every year.

    • Track your preservation efforts- so you have a real picture of how much food you have preserved- and used- and can plan the following years more accurately.

    Is this a book?

    It's not just a book, it's a full digital library of tools and resources to help you with your garden and self-sufficiency. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally through an online portal. 

    How soon after purchasing will I receive the Gardening Magic System?

    You should receive access (almost) immediately! Your purchase will be delivered digitally via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 10-15 minutes of your purchase. 


    If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam or promotions folders, and if you still don't see it, please contact me at sarah@thefreerangelife.com.


    Please double-check your email address is typed in correctly at checkout so your purchase can be delivered.

    How do I know the Gardening Magic System is right for me?

    The Gardening Magic Planner & Tracker is for anyone who's ready to grow more food from their garden and become more self-sufficient with their food source. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gardener, this system will help you plan a garden based on your exact food needs quickly- complete with planting dates!


    The calculators, planners, and trackers will help anyone who's ready to streamline and maximize their garden.

    Is the planner & tracker really worth the cost?

    What if I don't have Excel?

    All of the calculators and trackers are available in 3 different formats- Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF to ensure that they are usable to everyone!

    It's a lot of resources- where should I begin?

    I know having access to so many resources at once can be a little overwhelming. I recommend starting at the beginning with the Food Needs Worksheet.


    The Gardening Magic System builds upon itself as you work through the different tools- first you determine how much you want to preserve, then take that number and turn it into how many plants you'll need and when to plant them and finally track your progress.


    If you're a beginner, you can always start with the Planting Date Calculator and track your first year's progress so you have a baseline for the following  year.

    What is your return policy?

    I am confident you will love the Gardening Magic Calculator & Tracker, but if, for any reason, you aren't satisfied, there is a 7-day happiness guarantee. 

    Ready to Get Started?