Video Mini-Course

Get Ready for Goats!

Be Totally Prepared to Bring Home Your First Goats in 3 Easy Lessons. We will discuss...

  • Choosing Your Goat

    We'll cover breeds, questions to ask breeders, and what to look for in a good goat. 

  • Building Your Goat Yard

    I'll tell you what kind of barns, fences, and space you will need for your new goats. 

  • Gathering Your Supplies

    Gather the most important supplies you will need before bringing your goats home. 

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I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful goat videos.  I just got my 1st 3 goats a few months ago.  I did quite a bit of research online, reading books & even talking to other goat owners in my area.  But your videos are awesome!  Wish I had found them sooner.  ​

Tracy M. 

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that your blog and downloadable guides have been a LIFESAVER to me as I have been starting out on my own little plot. I just got started with goats and literally could not have done it without you. ​

Kelly M.