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Get these free cheat sheets to help you plan & calculate your garden needs. With these sheets you'll be able to...

  • Properly space your garden- to maximize space and prevent problems.

  • Calculate approximately how much you can expect to harvest from each crop in your garden. 

  • Calculate how many lbs of food you need to make a quart of preserved food.

  • Feel certain your garden has the top 10 most important crops for self-sufficiency.

  • Ensure everything gets done before garden season begins each year.

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Get the Homegrown Pathway Cheat Sheet set to help you get more out of your garden this year- and get one step closer to growing enough food to meet your family's needs!

I really appreciate your cheat sheets and am so excited for this growing year!



Sarah, this is going to be such a big help to me!  I can't thank you enough for this!



Hey there, I'm Sarah!

I 've been gardening my entire life- from helping my parents as a kid to tending my own homestead as an adult.


I know what it's like to dream about producing all of your own food and ditching the grocery store all together. And I know exactly how overwhelming planning your food production garden can be!


I can't wait to help you on your own journey to self-sufficiency and help you grow and preserve more each and every year!