Free Guide & Cheat Sheets

Ready to start producing  more of your own food?

Start down the path to food self-sufficiency with this cheat sheet pack! You'll get...

  • A Pre-Season Checklist

    To ensure everything gets done before garden season begins.

  • Priority Crop List

    With the top 10 most important crops for self-sufficiency.

  • Garden Spacing Chart

    Not sure how close your plants and rows should be? Use this chart!

  • Crop Yield Chart

    Not sure how much you can harvest from each crop? Use these averages!

  • Preservation Cheat Sheet

    How many lbs of food is in one quart? Use this chart to figure out your preservation needs!

Get the Homegrown Pathway Cheat Sheet set to help you get more out of your garden this year- and get one step closer to growing enough food to meet your family's needs!